What is New in iOS 11?

Click here to download the handout.
I have been loving the new features of iOS 11 and I am so excited for the release today. It is hard to narrow down my favorite new feature but one of them is most definitely the ability for screen recording.  Go to settings – control center- customize controls to add the screen recording feature to the control center.
There is so much power in having a student add their voice to their work.

Check a few ideas on how to use this feature.

– Have foreign language students describe a picture to practice    pronunciation and fluency
– Add an oral explanation to a math problem
– Create tutorials on how to use new iPad features
-Open maps and have students record about specific locations or  regions
-Add narration to Notes or another drawing app
-Record students reading a passage for fluency checks
-Have students provide peer feedback


I would love to hear what you are most excited about with iOS11?
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