The Future is Ours

I recently received an email from a teacher titled “dreaming big…” Just the title of the email spoke volumes. This teacher is willing to think bigger than she has in the past in order to inspire her students. If we want our students to dream big, we must be willing to dream alongside them. This doesn’t just mean thinking about big ideas. We need to be willing to share them with others and take risks by acting on them. This video is a great way to show students that the future is theirs.
 We have a new eighth-grade course this year titled Passion Project. Again, the title of this course says so much to the students. I have had an opportunity to visit this class several times and what amazes me the most is the feeling you get as soon as you enter. Each student (150 during the day) is greeted by name and given a smile. Students come in and select from a variety of seating options to find a spot where they are comfortable to work for the period. There is an energy about them. They seem relaxed but excited. Students are beginning to explore what they are passionate about and thinking about the impact they can have on the world. Laura Cook, the instructor, has a blog where she is reflecting on the journey her students are on.
Check it out!
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