Student Sites that Encourage Critical Thinking

Do Now Weekly Activities 
This site engages students with questions about a current issue each week. Each Friday, a topic that focuses on civic issues is posted along with a media resource and questions.  Students are encouraged to share their thoughts on the website or using social media. This could also be a great way to start a conversation with the students in your room. It is a great way to engage students in critical thinking and tie in digital citizenship. These issues are better suited for older students.
This is a great site where curiosity and imagination are encouraged. Each day an intriguing question is posted along with great resources to encourage students to explore the topic. There is also a teacher section, Wonder Ground with great ideas on how to support questioning and curiosity.
SciFri Spoonfuls
Each Friday, you can find a STEM spoonful. The spoonful contains a video, article or interview along with activity suggestions for students. This is a great site to get students thinking critically about science topics that interest them.



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