macOS Sierra

You probably have already upgraded to macOS Sierra but you may not know some of the neat, new features. If you need help with the upgrade, you can find it here.
My favorite new features are Siri and the Universal Clipboard. 
Siri is now available on your Mac! Just like on your iOS device, Siri acts as your own personal assistant. You can ask Siri just about anything from how to spell a word, to find upcoming weather conditions, to set a timer, find files on your Mac, or to add something to your calendar.
Universal Clipboard
Airdrop is a great way to share something from one device to another, but the Universal Clipboard can make it even easier to share something with yourself. You can copy and paste text, video, or images from one device to another. This means you can copy a link from your iPhone and paste it into the search bar on your Mac, or you can quickly copy a picture and paste it into a document on another device. You need to have each device set up for it to work.


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