All of us have a spark. Something that drives us. An energy that makes us who we are. As educators, we are passionate about learning, but at times, this fire may die down.

This past summer, I attended my first ISTE conference and I was intrigued by the ISTE ignite sessions. Five-minute presentations where inspirational educators share their craft with you. These sessions do just that…they ignite your passion, inspire you, and make you want more.

I also had the pleasure of listening to George Couros speak during the conference.  I have never left a session as motivated as I did that day. I remember getting a text from a friend who was also attending the conference but at a different session.

My response when she asked how his session was going…

AMAZING! He has me laughing. He has me crying.

He ignited my passion for innovation by sharing his story. I highly encourage you to listen to him if you have the opportunity.

My one word for 2016 is IGNITE.

All of us are capable of igniting passion in others, but usually, we are unaware of the impact. The man in this video was inspired by a teacher who helped him discover his passion and years later went back to thank him.

Who has inspired you?

Have you thanked them?

Who will you inspire today?

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