Engage the Audience with Google Slides

Google Slides has a Q&A feature that allows for questions during a presentation. Audience members or students can ask a question while you are sharing information and you can see it live. It doesn’t have as many features as some of the other audience response systems but it is quick and easy to use.
Click on the triangle next to the Present tab and select use Q&A. You will receive a shortened URL to share with participants. They will be able to type in questions as they come up.
You can select to have your name shown or remain anonymous before posting a question. There is also a vote feature that allows people to show that they have the same question. This moves the question up to the top so you can easily see the most popular questions.
You can select PRESENT to have the question displayed on a slide. This would give you a chance to further explain or encourage others to share their thoughts about the question.
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