Who Are You Cheering For?

 PETE&C 2016 was filled with cheering.

Educators were cheering for keynote speakers, presenters, and also for one another. People were sharing ideas and were genuinely interested in what they could learn from the people in the room.

George Couros led an activity that had everyone cheering for each other in a matter of minutes.
All of this made me think how great it would it be to have this type of energy and cheering going on in our schools each day.

We want ALL students to be successful and experience the best possible learning environment, but in order for this to happen we need to view our colleagues as part of our team. We need to cheer when the teacher next door is successful and we need to offer support when it is needed. We want our students to seek out resources, but are we? Are we using each other to ensure our students have the best possible experience?

Our students are too important and our time with them is too valuable to let our egos get in the way. We need to continue to cheer for our students, but we also need to cheer for each other.

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