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Today I had a freshman student tell me that he spent two hours creating a song using GarageBand. You could see how proud he was when he talked about using it as background music for a presentation or a movie.
A first-grade student told me the best part of his day was writing about wrestling and that he wanted to share his writing on Twitter.
A few weeks ago, a middle school student created a song to express her ideas and her face lit up when she shared it with me.
Too often we hear that students aren’t putting enough effort into their work or that they have no interest in learning. All of these students were passionate and excited. They each spent a considerable amount of time on “their work.” The difference is that the “work” was something they enjoyed, they had a little bit of choice, and they were able to create something they found meaningful. There are tons of different tools that students can use to create but the Adobe Spark tools can be used in so many ways.
Last week, I posted about Spark Page, which you can check out here. In that post, I mentioned Spark Video and several teachers asked me to give more information on how to use it. Just like Spark Page, Spark Video is a  creation tool that can be used at any age level and in any content area.
Mobile App
First, select video to start a new project.
You can select from a pre-made theme or start your video from scratch.
Then, begin adding content to your video. You can add another video clip, photo, icon, or text. Clicking the microphone allows you to add your voice to the project.
You can also select a theme for the video, add music, and switch the layout. I love the add your own music option because students can add music that they have created.
After your video is finished, you can share it.
Check out these videos for ideas!


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